What is life: A big abyss full of unrealised dreams and shattered hope. You get by daily thinking the next day will be better than the one today. But that day never comes. You spend a lifetime trying to comprehend the mere grandness or the sheer scale on this abyss but always standing at the ledge never trying to reach the bottom of it to piece together those hopes and dreams. You always strive to end the slumber that you are in and take a dip into that rabbit hole to get reincarnated but never going through with it. Because you know It takes the will of steel and wit of a child to even garner courage to peer into that bleak hole. There’s always a voice inside telling you not to bother but the there a world shouting at you to just jump into that never ending blackness. You think you are content without exploring but at the same time you are more curious than a 2 year old child. The sense of euphoria accompanied with endless emptiness is almost haunting. It’s like you are falling through a never ending stream of thoughts followed by a bright light that is almost blinding.


The moment you venture into this realm of emptiness you realise that its not all black but there’s something to it that is surreal almost dream like. A dream from which you don’t want to wake up. It’s like the adrenaline rush that fuels your inner self to go deeper. And as you go deeper you become more conscious and confident that you are the king of this realm and all you had to do was try what nobody ever tried. The moment you realise this you see the darkness giving way to light and that there’s a mirror at the bottom of this never ending Abyss. And It’s you looking at yourself staring at the sky from the bottom of a well. A vanilla sky full of hopes, dreams and aspirations.


4 thoughts on “What is Life

  1. Never thought of reading through life in just two paragraphs, but today I realised that in this swarm of stars and galaxies we are just a mere point and none the less our life in that point is just the reflection of all the surrounding stars which we once looked upon.

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