A pandemonium that overshadows rationale and sanity. It’s the chaos that preceded absolute entropy. A bleak promise that lasts aeons. An Intoxicating emotion ringer that is both soul-crushing and heartbreaking. It’s an illusion that is penultimate for quenching and full-filling physical and philosophical desires. Love is the only entity that can neither be explained by science or philosophy. it’s intoxicating and addictive but quintessential necessity of life. Only it’s ecstasy, delight and warmth can cure our fears of a tumultuous, cold and treacherous world that strive to drive us into a deep slumber and forces to crumble into a hard shell. Even though it’s a misleading affliction and mostly entrails tragedy but it’s a desire so strong that without it there is no meaning in life. It may be scary but is surely enthralling. Even though it makes us suffer and sore but we end up knowing ourselves, befriending others and finding inner tranquillity. Though it may be just an escape mechanism for loneliness and solemnity or a biological trickery but affirmatively help us in becoming complete.
The Greek Myth that We once were beings with 2 faces and 4 arms and legs but when we angered the god, in spite they sliced us and ever since we are searching for our other half. Aptly described the longing and brevity that love entails.


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