Spirituality and India

What is spirituality?

Its was an alien concept in India, Only the west knew spirituality. The word spirituality was defined by Christians. India never wanted spirituality.
All india wanted was to be a salve to dharma a concept far boarded and complex then spirituality.
Dharma a 1000’s of years old concept that almost per-dates religion itself or say spirituality.
Yes! dharma is not religion. Its more a way of life or perhaps a pathway that leads to a peaceful of life.
This concept was lost somewhere along the history. Now a days spirituality starts with money and ends with money.
We have some how got it mixed with the ridiculous notion that listening to hypocrite and god-men rant random verses from books of wisdom is spirituality.
Spirituality is not something you can earn its something that can only be experienced. You cannot share it nor can you preach it.
Yes indeed, India or for that matter the entire world lacks spirituality. We have polluted it with religion and terms like self-discovery.
Spirituality is more about self-belief, awareness and empathy.


2 thoughts on “Spirituality and India

  1. I believe and have heard that being religious means being a strong believer of something and following it firmly. It may/may not deal with seeking the deepest answers of life. Whereas, being spiritual means seeking the answers for our very own existence, our purpose, seeking answers for the toughest questions of our life and to become fully aware and awakened about who we are and where we want to be. A spiritual person can be a good religious person but not every religious personnel can be a good spiritual person!


    1. Yes indeed , spirituality is a path of self discovery but so is dharma. While spirituality takes you towards self discovery and awareness but dharma leads you to cosmic awakening.
      Spirituality and religion has little or nothing to do with each other but people often tend to overlook this important distinction and seek religion as a road that leads to spirituality.

      And, remember
      dharma is not religion.
      spirituality is not an aspect of religion.

      In fact in my opinion
      I don’t think so that GOD will even be able to comprehend the concept of religion.

      He will be like meeeh , f**k it i will make a new simulation there are too many bugs with this one. Where the hell did this religion bug came from.

      Probably right now he is busy browsing through his library of babble for answers.

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